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Survey finds 53% blieve current status quo is best for local firms

Tue, Nov 14, 2017, 17:51

Francess McDonnell




A majority of key business leaders believe the best possible outcome for the North is to remain in the single market and the customs union post Brexit, according to the Chartered Accountants Ulster Society.

A survey undertaken by the society found that 53 per cent of business people believe the current status quo would be best for local firms while a large majority (53 per cent) consider potential new tariffs and non tariff barriers to be one of the biggest future threats to Northern Ireland.

The results of the survey also highlighted that 28 per cent of business people would like the North to be granted special status in any new post Brexit arrangements.

According to the Chartered Accountants Ulster Society most business people that they surveyed – 86 per cent – believe that Brexit presents more threats than opportunities for Northern Ireland.

The Chartered Accountants Ulster Society also found that less than a third of firm they spoke to had started preparing for Brexit.

Pamela McCreedy, chair of the society which represents over 4,500 chartered accountants in Northern Ireland, said: “Whether you are for or against Brexit, we have seen that the period of uncertainty that we’re going through is crippling for local business. It’s vital that our business leaders and political leaders work together to find a way through instability.”