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If the Federal Reserve and the U.S. stock market were human, they would be a long-suffering couple on the verge of a divorce.

Mr. Market—emotional and unstable—is continuously supported by loving and caring Ms. Fed. But the relationship, which can only be described as “co-dependent” in an unhealthy way, has been truly strained over the past year and both would like to part ways while perhaps remaining friends.

It is reasonable to feel sympathy for the Fed—finding a perfect time for hiking rates proved extremely difficult. Destabilizing markets, which can then negatively impact the real economy, is something that the Fed will avoid doing if it can. And for the past year it had been doing just that, though the side effect Читать далее

You know the old adage “the rich get richer while the poor get poorer”? This recently became a reality for American companies.

Twenty-five non-financial U.S. companies — the corporate equivalent of the 1% — control just over half of the total amount of cash held by all nonfinancial U.S. corporations, according to a report by S&P Global Ratings released on Friday.

Meanwhile, the bottom 99% are taking on increasing amounts of debt, causing their ratio of cash to debt to fall to 15%, the lowest level of the last decade — including the years before the Great Financial Crisis, the report said. This means that, excluding the richest 25 companies, the average U.S. company holds only 15 cents in cash for every dollar it Читать далее

Treasury prices dived this week, leading yields to log their largest weekly gain since November, as investors sold U.S. government bonds bracing for an increased probability that the Federal Reserve might raise interest rates in June.

The yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note

TMUBMUSD10Y, -0.41%

the Treasury market’s benchmark, gained 14.3 basis points over the week and 0.4 basis point on Читать далее

Oil futures on Friday finished the week with a more than 3% gain, with recent production outages feeding expectations for a decline in the global glut of crude supplies.

Prices for the session, however, settled lower, pressured by news that exports from an eastern port in Libya have resumed and data showing that the weekly U.S. oil-rigs count was unchanged, after eight straight weeks of declines.

The June contract for West Texas Intermediate crude

CLM6, -1.02% Читать далее

I recently spent a week at Oxford University's Said School of Business on its popular week-long Private-Equity Program for senior executives.

Say the word Oxford, and it conjures up images of a city of dreamy spires and ancient college courtyards. Yet if you squint your eyes on a rare sunny day there, the Said Business School campus looks more like Stanford Business School in Silicon Valley than a medieval college situated on an 800-year-old university campus.

That's because Oxford Said is a very new school in a very old university. Even the establishment of Said back in the 1990s was controversial, as the dons of Oxford questioned whether business was a worthy topic of study.

Fast forward 20 years, and Oxford Said today is a Читать далее

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The 2041 level. That's where the action in the S&P 500 has been. And not just the last few weeks (the S&P touched and bounced from 2041 12 times since April 1), it's been like this for 18 months.

We've been watching 2041, which is a Fibonacci projection level, since November 2014. The chart below shows the S&P’s interaction with 2041 (green line). The red line at 2139 represents Читать далее

The head of Carlyle Group LP’s hedge-fund business is stepping down, following a streak of disappointing performance and outflows at its Claren Road Asset Management LLC and other funds.

Mitch Petrick, a veteran Morgan Stanley banker Carlyle

CG, +2.52%

 recruited in 2010, will step down from his position as head of global market strategies and plans to start his own firm, Carlyle said in a Читать далее

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